Saturday, November 17, 2012


I apologize for all the crooked pictures. I am too busy/tired/lazy to go back and re-upload them all.
I love Kohen! I love everything about him and have so much fun with him.
So here's a post all about him :)
 Kohen loves to wrestle.
 Especially when Mommy is 9 months pregnant, lopsided and easy to knock down.

 Grandma had sent a package. She would have loved it had she gotten this one.

 Thank goodness for Mr. Moose when Mommy is too tired to wrestle.


 He doesn't look thrilled in this picture but I assure you he was. We made stuff out of pretzels and marshmallows. He is a saber tooth tiger here.

 He is such a boy. He's apparently watched too much Mulan and Kung Fu Panda because he loves to twirl sticks, bats, poles...etc like they do. Not going to lie. He actually looks pretty legit.

 Kohen insists on moving all three chairs to the table and will line them up perfectly so  that we can all sit by each other while we eat.

 Who says you can't still play sports with a toddler in an apartment?!

 Helping Mommy.

 He loves puzzles to say the least.

 My big baby

This still cracks me up. On one of the local channels there is this "exercise" program for elderly people where a lady sits on her chair and demonstrates basically movements. haha
 I was in shock and laughing at the show until I looked down and saw Kohen doing it. He put his sandwich in his mouth and started imitating the lady. Seriously. It's funny.

 He did these ones. (Pumpkins). Pretty good for a two year old.

Helping Mommy make pumpkin rice krispie treats 

He is a sneaky and curious one. 

 The cutest firefighter hands down

We love going to the park together. He chases squirrels and I chase him.

Such a crazy sleeper 

 He puts bubbles on his face and says he is Santa

I love my happy, silly boy 

He is going through the awkward picture phase. See a camera apparently means close your eyes.

He LOVES doing this puzzle and I swear does it at least once a day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Miley Marie Rupp

So I don't plan on blogging nearly as much anymore since the main reason behind it was so that my family could see updates BUT since they don't even check it I will be focusing on finally getting started on scrapbooking. But I thought I'd at least share this past exciting month.
Here is her first week:
Miley Marie Rupp was born on Oct. 2nd 2012
7 lbs 14 ounces and 19 inches long
We all just love her!

Two days before having Miley (date was wrong)
(Don't know why this single photo wouldn't turn right side up for me but you get the picture...huge)

Last time taking a picture as a family of 3. I had so many mixed emotions and was nervous to have to leave my "baby" We were SO glad our friend was able to come watch him for us. It made it so much easier for me to know he was in great hands. (He ended up doing great and I don't think cared one bit haha)
Even though I had to have a C-section again, this time was so nice because it was planned. We got to take pictures of  the birth. Stuart could have watched the whole thing as well but I was throwing up  the whole time because of the anesthesia and so he felt like he should stay and hold my barf bag :)
We don't have a picture of it but this time I even got to have Miley lay on my chest for a minute when she first came out. I was worried about her being cold so I had them take her pretty quickly but it was nice to be able to experience a little what a "real birth" would be like in that sense. 
We loved this nurse! I had some complications and she was so much help my entire stay. You go through SO many nurses and although I liked them all in their own way she was by far our favorite.
Another benefit of the planned C-section (vs last time) was that Stuart got to bathe Miley.
Just a couple hours out of surgery I was already to see my other "baby" and had Stuart go home to get him. I always felt like Kohen was going to really like his new baby sister and was probably the most excited about the day he'd get to meet her more than anything. He was cuter and sweeter than I had imagined. He ran right in the room, said, "Hi momma", gave me a quick hug and then immediately wanted to see the baby. 

He decided sitting on the bed with me holding her wasn't good enough so he ran over to the rocking chair and wanted to rock the baby all by himself. He kept saying in his cute voice, "Aww. Baby's head. Babies eyes. Awww. Tiny toes. Tiny hands. ...etc"

He kept trying to tell Stuart, "I got it. Go"

So we let him lay on the other bed next to her instead and he was ok with that.

Every time he'd come back into the room it was the same greeting. He mainly just cared about his baby sister. (He is still like that. Everytime he leaves he kisses the baby and says, "Muah. By baby. I'll see you.")

She was born petite (short) yet still had rolls and chubs. Love it!

Notice Kohen sleeping in the background? He was such a good sport about spending so much time in the hospital because Mommy couldn't stand being away from him and he and Daddy wanted to see Miley.  Poor kid even got some type of bug and a fever for a day or two.
Daddy with his daughter. So sweet!

Getting ready to go home. She was much more petite than we had planned (and the weather had all of the sudden cooled off significantly) so her coming home outfit wasn't what I had planned. But we were just glad to come home :)
Proud big brother helping Daddy carry Miley.
Adjusting to her new home and being a family of four

I think it is SO cute how much they like watching each other. Out of everyone Miley has by far been more interested in watching Kohen since the very beginning. Whenever he came into view she would watch and follow him. I wonder if they remember each other from heaven

Her first bath

This is how he sits (10x/day) asking to hold her


I can't believe how much she's grown already.  :(